Bachelor of Education – Waldorf Teacher

Bachelor of Education – Waldorf Teacher Training – ELSA Teaching certificate


• To make learning into something that is enjoyable, interesting and useful on a day-to-day basis

• To help people – from all walks of life, from all places and of all ages – enjoy learning and use what they learn in their everyday lives

• To provide people with the opportunity to learn about the world they live in and about the people they live with


• Equal rights

• Diversity is great

• Observing is learning

• Listening is educational

• Treat other people the way you’d like to be treated


• A world full of curious, interested and understanding people

• A land/world in which people want to learn, want to listen and want to be understood

• A time when we all want to learn from each other and from what is around us every day

Waldorf Teacher Training

Bev is a trained Waldorf teacher, Bothmer Gymnastic and Spatial Dynamics Instructor. She has trained teachers and done workshops in China for the past three years. Bev was a class teacher at Sunrise Waldorf School on Vancouver Island.

Teaching Certificate ELSA

23 years experience teaching ESL, at VIU in Nanaimo, CIS in Duncan,the Catholic School Board in Quebec. International teaching experience in Nepal, Mali, and China.


Has lived and worked in both Quebec and Mali over many years and is fully conversant in French.


Bev’s been interested in art since grade 5 and has continued to study water painting in England, drawing and printmaking in Nepal.

Bachelor of Education – Waldorf Teacher Training – Teaching certificate ELSA